David King

David King is a global C-level executive who has led start-ups and expansion-stage companies and held senior roles with the Fortune 500.

Over the course of his career, David has provided interview preparation coaching to executives at every level, guiding them in the advancement of their careers. His proven approach, presented in this on-line interview coaching course is based on a combination of experience as an executive and as a mentor.

He knows what companies are looking for, how they evaluate candidates and he has a comprehensive understanding of the challenges in executive careers and an aptitude for guiding & motivating people.

David has built an impressive client roster providing job interview coaching.  He teaches candidates how to prepare strategically for interviews, shift the power dynamic from the interviewer to the interviewee and deliver messages that matter in a succinct and memorable way.

Prior to his executive career David served as an officer in the Royal Marines, where he learnt the concept of “Generosity of Spirit” – giving of yourself, even when there is nothing specific coming in return. This has been a guiding theme throughout his life. He has a BSc in electronic engineering and MBA from London Business School.